Urgent Care

Today you had your procedure and there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure the best outcomes for any post-procedure wound/s.

First Few Days

If you have had a biopsy (small test piece removed for diagnostic purposes only) then just keep the wound area dry for 24 hours and then remove the dressing.

If you have had an excision (the whole lesion removed) you must keep the wound completely dry for the next 4 days, and change the dressing daily using the dressings provided.

Ensure Wound Protected

To ensure the best long-term result, try to minimise movement of the wound-bearing area, especially if it is on the upper body, or near a major joint. These areas can scar poorly if excessive movement occurs during the entire healing period, and in some cases (ie near knees or hips) for some weeks afterwards.

Wound Damage

If your wound/s become sore, bleed, or otherwise don’t seem to be healing as expected, give us a call or drop in as soon as you are able. If urgent, see your GP or local hospital as timely assessment can be important.

Leg & Ankle Wounds

With wounds below the middle of the calf including the ankle or foot, it is necessary to dramatically reduce the amount of standing or walking and keep the leg straight out from your body (as it is in best) whenever you are able. This promotes better blood-flow which means better healing.

Removal of Stitches

Firstly it’s important to have your stitches out only on the date you were advised.


If you have had pathology results can take up to a week, and in rare cases a little longer.

We will attempt to phone your results to you so please ensure we have your updated contact details while you are at Reception or as soon as possible afterwards to minimise delays.

Rarely further procedures are necessary so it’s important we are able to discuss this with you as soon as possible. Due to data security requirements, we are unable to directly email results.