Dr Kish Nallapu

Doctor Kishore Nallapu

Dr. Kish Nallapu


Hope Island

Principal General Practitioner


We’re passionate about delivering exceptional care and effective service for our patients.
We hope our unique combination of advanced technology and medical expertise in general practice.

Our purpose is to listen to each patient, help them understand their options and deliver the best care possible.



Principal Doctor

  • My Healthcity Hope Island & Pimpama Qld (Current)


Attending to:

  • General outpatients, diagnosing and treating them,
  • Walk-in OP minor emergencies,
  • Promoting preventive medicine and health education,
  • Liaison and referrals for expert hospital consultants’ advice,
  • Management when deemed necessary.
  • Attending elderly patients

General Practitioner:

  • Hope Island General Practice – 2018
  • Queensland Medical Centres, Forest lake village – 2017
  • Accident & Emergency – Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust, Pinderfields Hospital, UK – Dec 2016
  • Hospitals Hyderabad, India – Dec 2016
  • First Park Grove Surgery, South Yorkshire, UK – 2011
  • Ashville Medical Practice, South Yorkshire, UK – Aug 2008
  • Barnsley Hospital NHS Trust, South Yorkshire, UK – Jan 2008
  • Penistone Group Practice, South Yorkshire, UK – 2007

Senior House Officer:

  • Orthopaedics & Trauma, Accident & Emergency. Ear, Nose & Throat.
  • Dept, Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, South Yorkshire, UK – 2003-6


  • Advanced Certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine Bond University, 2017
  • Fellow of Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACG) – 2016
  • Member of Royal College of General Practitioners, UK (MRCGP) – 2008


  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) – 2003
  • Bachelor of Surgery, Osmania Medical College (2003)
  • Bachelor of Medicine, Osmania Medical College (2003)


  • Competent in performing Skin procedures & Minor Surgical Procedures.
  • Competent in performing Joint injections at General Practice level.
  • Competent in performing Microscopic Ear Wax Microsuction.
  • Competent in performing Implanon insertion and removal
  • Competent in performing Iron infusion and Venesection

Continuing Professional Development

  • 2017 Conducted Advanced Life Support course in Brisbane
  • Jan’16- Conducted “Basic Life Support” course to nursing staff at Hospitals.
  • Aug’15- Attended a 3-day course on “Minor Surgical Skills and Joint injection techniques” in Hyderabad.
  • Oct’14- Attended a course on “Surveillance of Infection prevention and control in rural communities” in New Delhi.
  • May’13- Conducted a 3-hour workshop on “Patient complaints management and the methods to resolve them”
  • Jun’12- Conducted a course on “Bedside management for Junior doctors” at Oxygen Hospitals.
  • Nov’10- Attended a 2-day “GP refresher update course” in Manchester.
  • Minor Surgery Course at Leeds St. James Hospital – February 2009
  • VTS Conference-“Life after VTS” in Wakefield – February 2008
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections Foundation course, Barnsley – April 2007
  • Liquid based cytology, No-BD878, Barnsley – March 2007
  • British Hypertension Society conference on Hypertension in Prime care-Sep 2006
  • Basic Surgical Skills course, Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh – Jan 2006
  • Risk Management Course at Montagu Hospital, Mexborough Aug 2005
  • Dealing with Complaints and Conflicts at Montagu Hospital –June 2005

Registrations & Accreditation

  • Australian Medical Council, Australia
  • AHPRA, Australia
  • General Medical Council, London, UK
  • Andhra Pradesh Medical council, Hyderabad, India

Research & Presentations

  • 2019-20 Conducting various monthly clinical audits in My HealthCity
  • Apr’16- Audit on “Effectiveness of Acyclovir in Acute Bell’s Palsy Patients”
  • Mar’16- A presentation on “Healthiness is Happiness- Importance of Preventive care through using technology” to a large group of 150 GPs in Hyderabad.
  • Sep’15- Developed a policy on “Management and storage of Health data”
  • Feb’15- Audit on “Chronic Heart failure patients’ management in Primary care”
  • Jan’15- Conducted a workshop on “Handling pressure at work” to 20 General Managers in Hyderabad.
  • Aug’14- A presentation on “Handling Asthma & COPD in Primary care” to a group of 25 local GPs in Hyderabad.
  • Dec’13-Audit on “Handling Community emergencies”and further developed a policy through the cycle.
  • Jul’13- A presentation on “Management of Clinical emergencies in Primary care” to a group of 80 local GPs in Hyderabad.
  • Nov’12- A presentation on “Management of Gout” to a group of 50 local GPs in Nizamabad.
  • May’12- Audit on “A structured Quality improvement and continuous monitoring programme”
  • Jun’10- Audit on “Elderly homebound patients with Chronic co-morbidity” and eventually developed an Annual Birth Month review for elderly pts.
  • May’09- Audit in First Park Grove Practice, “An audit of Anti-Hypertensives usage in patients across the practice and optimising the dosage to prevent cardiovascular events
  • May’08- Re-audit in Penistone Group Practice, “An audit of Aspirin usage in Diabetes patients to prevent cardiovascular events”
  • Dec’07- Presentation on “Management of Depression & Anxiety in Primary Care”, at the Barnsley GPVTS session
  • Oct’07-Presentation on “Review of Group B Streptococcal guidelines in Neonates”, at the Barnsley Paediatric Departmental Meeting
  • Sep’07-Audit in Paediatrics Dept. Barnsley Hosp.,“Records and Documentation”
  • Mar-Aug’07- (3188 words) Research Project in Penistone Group Practice, “Improving care of Diabetes patients by offering Aspirin for Prevention of Cardiovascular events”
  • Jun’07- Audit in Penistone Group Practice, “An audit of Aspirin usage in Diabetes patients to prevent cardiovascular events”
  • Dec’06- Presentation on “Hypertension in Diabetes”, at the Barnsley GPVTS session
  • Apr’06- Presentation on “Management of Low Back Pain in Primary Care”, at the Barnsley GPVTS session
  • Jan’06-Audit in A&E Dept. Barnsley, “An Audit of Physiotherapy Referrals from A&E”
  • Nov’05-Presentation on “Domestic Violence in the Society”, at the Barnsley A&E Departmental Meeting
  • Apr’05-Presentation on “Tonsillitis and the Guidelines ”, at the Barnsley ENT Departmental Meeting
  • Jan’05-Audit in A&E Dept. Barnsley, “An Audit of Assessment of A&E re-attenders”
  • Jun’04- Presentation on “Joint Injection Techniques”, at the Chester Orthopaedics Departmental Meeting

Clinical Systems Skills

  • Well versed with EMIS & System one in UK as worked in three paper light practices and well versed with Suvarna Health MIS software in India.
  • Awareness of appropriate coding for QOF data collection
  • Aware of C&B referral pathways
  • Aware of Population Manager and QOF issues and the ways to monitor
  • Aware of prescribing protocols, cost effectiveness

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